WooSports 3.0 2022 edition

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New WooSports 3.0 2022 Elastic Case 

In the box: the WOO, Charger, Mount.

Record every jump from your kite sessions automatically with the WOO

  • The standard for WOO Worlds 2022 and beyond
  • Supports the latest features for the WOO App, Smartwatch Apps, and PRO Members.
  • Download the app for iOS or Android (WOO Sports App).
  • Watch apps available for Apple, Garmin and Google Wear
  • Works with all Big Air and Freestyle Games

    Learn more at woosports.com/the-woo 


    WOO 3.0 for Kite/Wake/Snow!

    Over the past three years Woo has learned, listened, and poured their hearts into what we do. They took everything you love about WOO and made it better. New features, new ways to play, and a complete redesign. Check out all the ways they've made WOO even more fun in the below video. The next chapter of WOO is here!

    Join an interactive game that connects riders around the world in kiteboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and freeskiing with one main goal: to get out and play more. Record every jump and trick while earning achievements, explore new spots, and challenging your friends as your riding progresses. Start riding with WOO, get the most out of your sessions and push your riding to new heights! A Few new features we know are coming...
    • New ways to play - score points
    • More durable & more reliable
    • Waterproof mount made for the the harshest conditions
    • Improved battery
    • Better jump detection
    • 3.0 sends your last jump to a smart watch, right on the water
      • Know exactly how high you jumped right after you land
    • Compatible with both Apple and Android smart watch iOS and OS
    • New badges, milestones, and achievement models
    • WOO sensor records the height, score, airtime, rotation, and landing g-force of every jump
    • Share your session and compete on the Global Leaderboards
    • Designed to withstand the harshest conditions in water and snow
    • Includes WOO 3.0 Charger and WOO 3.0 Mount
    • Syncs wirelessly to your phone Rechargable by USB Pair with an Apple or Android smartwatch to view live results while riding
    • Download the free WOO Sports App for iOS or Android