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Made in Netherlands صناعه هلوندا 

For our new Kite/Windsurf 360 mount we have made some serious changes to make it suitable for carbon harnesses and all 360Video cameras.

* The new backplate is smaller and has a new design then the previous one, so it will better fit carbon harnesses like the Mystic Stealth (and others)

* We changed the material of the backplate to HDPE. This is a black thermoplast that is extremely durable and can even be shaped to fit your harness perfectly (please watch the tutorial below on how to shape and attach the backplate)

* The camera mount comes with the new 100% invisible camera pole. This silver aluminium camera pole consists of 2 parts that screw together to make a pole of 87cm. The pole is 25mm in diameter so it cant be seen by your 360 Video camera. All inserts are made out of high grade aluminium.

* Because things can always go wrong, and parts can break during extreme crashes the camera pole now comes with a leash that you can connect to your harness.

* If you have a GoPro Max or Fusion you can easily connect it to the 1/4" thread of the camera pole with our new custom made Aluminium GoPro Mount (Yes this is also included).
Insta360 users can connect their cam directly to the 1/4" thread.


Custom machined

Aluminium GoPro mount

new material backplate

HDPE Backplate

watch mounting instructions