Eleveight CS Vary V5 Control Bar - 2023

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2023 Eleveight CS Vary v4 Control Bar


S (42 - 50cm) / L (47 - 55cm)

What Eleveight has to say about the CS Vary

Outstanding safety features with remarkable steering precision, the four-line CS Vary bar is fine-tuned to work with the complete Eleveight kite range. New for V4 is redesigned bar ends and floaters for a better fit as well as line protection. The red safety line is also more tightly braided to increased longevity, and the pigtails are stronger for a more durable connection. The new reinforced EVA grip additionally reduces wear and tear. Safety, control, and comfort are united in one easy to use intuitive system.


  • Four line bar with single front line safety
  • Adjustable bar width thanks to integrated variable bar ends
  • Thermo-coated high-precision lines made in Germany
  • Innovative Quick-Matic release system with top swivel
  • Ergonomic anti-slip EVA grip pattern for comfort and control

Changes for v5

  • Redesigned bar ends and floaters for better fit and line protection
  • Reinforcement of pigtails for a stronger more durable connection and easy tie-on tie-off
  • Tighter braided red safety line for increased longevity
  • EVA grip reinforcements for less wear and tear

 Quick Matic Release


Quick Matic Release:

Our innovative Quick Matic safety system is the most intuitive and easiest system a rider could ask for. The low release power allows you to ditch the kite even with high tension on the lines. To assemble the system, simply click the chicken loop back in place.

  • Safety norm compliance
  • Intuitive system
  • Easy and fast assembling

 Easy Line Adjustment

Easy Line Adjustment:

  • Backline adjuster integrated in the bar ends
  • Long depower range

The CS Vary bar allows the rider to trim and adjust the backline setup.

 Single front Line Safety

Single front Line Safety

  • Most reliable system
  • Safest way to release
  • Easy to assemble

Once released the kite will automatically flag out on a single front line. The kite will gently fall from the sky providing instant loss of power while protecting the gear.

 CS Vary Function

CS Vary Function

  • Easy change between bar width
  • Large: range from 47 - 55 cm
  • Small: range from 42 - 50 cm

The CS Vary function enables the rider to adjust the bar width according to the kite size and riding style.

 Single Depower Line

Single Depower Line

  • Inner Spectra line with additional spliced Spectra coating decreases abrasion
  • Less friction equals better bar feedback
  • Comfortable single-handed riding

 CS Control Bar

CS Control Bar

Eleveight bars are designed in an innovative development process and manufactured with quality materials and leading workmanship. They are designed for long lasting durability and safe and functional handling.

1 / TPU covered Single depower line
The new TPU coated single depower line, made out of wear and tear-resistant highquality Spectra fibers, offers frictionless bar feedback and maximum durability

2 / Ergonomic EVA grip
Double density EVA grip for enhanced control and comfort.

3 / Thermo-coated 22m Spectra lines
High quality spectra lines made in Germany. They are stretch resistant and have a break load of more than 200 kg.

4 / Low V Position
The low V (this is when the front lines split close to the bar instead of higher towards the kite) increases the reactivity and the power of the kite.

5 / Small Chicken Loop
Small custom moulded freeride chicken loop for safe riding and the largest depower range possible.

6 / Mounted Swivel
The swivel below the bar allows easy untwist of the front lines after loops and rotations. It is made of high density Polyethylene for long-lasting durability.

7 / EVA Floater Protection
The EVA floaters offer the best protection of the lines and the rider.

8 / Safe Connect
Avoid mixing up lines with the kook proof front- and backline connection points.

9 / Spliced and stitched line ends
The line ends, now equipped with pigtails, ensure the strongest and safest connection between bar and kite. They are incredibly durable.

10 / High Quality Metal and Plastics in all QR parts
316 Marine grade stainless steel and impact resistant Polyethylene ensure efficiency and durability of the safety release system.

11 / Reduced diameter bar stick
The thinner bar stick combined with the new anti-slip EVA grip provides the maximum in control and comfort.

12 / Red line swivel
To avoid tangle or twist of our red safety line we added an extra swivel on the safety leash attachment point.