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Simple design / Standard connection system / Low weight

Multifunctional, ergonomic bar concept with fixed length, with Cabrinha 1X-Safety, Quickloop-Connection and TrimLite system.

Onebar for single-line safety (1X) tube kites, suitable for both beginners and professionals - simple, lightweight and with trim clamp.

The Quickloop 1X (TrimLite) is a sophisticated, universally compatible control system. Features such as the soft, ergonomic, adjustable bar ends, the lightweight TrimLite concept, and the 1X safety system make the Quickloop 1X (TrimLite) bar a powerful and feature-rich kite control method./p>

What differentiates the concept of the Quickloop 1X (TrimLite) from other bars is the precise ergonomics and the sophisticated design. The safety system is seamlessly integrated into the design, intuitive to use and effortless.

The 1X safety leash runs well hidden next to the depower main line inside a protective PU tube. The Quickloop Connection is universally compatible, easy to handle and is ideal for both hooked and unhooked driving.

Features & benefits:

  • Improved asymmetric bar design with even more grip

  • Low V of the front lines for direct kite control

  • Comprehensive safety with on-leash (1X)

  • Soft, ergonomically shaped bar ends with flex grooves

  • Simple, no-frills trim system with a sturdy stainless steel clamp

  • Universal Quickloop Connection

  • Easy release and QR operation

  • Swivel for turning out the front lines

  • Detachable, central security pin

  • Protective PU tubing over the Safety and Depower main line


  • Low V of the front lines

  • TrimLite terminal

  • Internal, protected lines

  • Ergonomic shape

  • Stainless centerpiece

  • New asymmetric handle

  • Flex grooves

  • EVA injected, floating bar ends

  • Quickloop

  • Including Short Leash (52 cm)

Sizes: 44cm | 52cm | 60cm