3rdPersonView Shoulder Mount for GoPro Max and others

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The 3rdPersonView Shoulder Mount for GoPro Max and others is a unique small and lightweight shoulder mount that will let you connect your GoPro Max to the included camera pole. The harness has proved to be comfortable and stable and can be set in any direction or angle, and will even fit in your jacket pocket when you are not using it.

The Shoulder Mount can be worn on your back but also in front on your chest.

To connect a GoPro to the 1/4"tread you will need an extra part, read more below (or click here).

What is included..

* The SailVideoSystem Shoulder Mount with backplate and straps (one size fits all)

* The patented connector with 1/4" thread (The harness uses the patented connector that can be set up in multiple angels and rotations and is easily attached or removed from the shoulder plate).

* The straight 45cm camera pole with 1/4" male and female thread that you can connect to your camera with 1/4" thread. Gopro Users read below.

* Mini Ball head to adjust camera angle that can be locked in any direction (for regular action cams)

What is NOT included..

* GoPro users will need to get the Joby - Pin Joint mount to connect their GoPro to the 1/4" thread.
(If you already have a GoPro Tripod adaptor you are all set up and good to go).

* Extendable selfie stick (like Insta360 invisible selfie stick)

Shot with GoPro MAX
Photo by: Laurent Guyot