Eleveight XS V2 - 2022

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The delta hybrid design of the brand new ExtremeSeries kite allows riders to break the boundaries of big air. Its extreme boost amazes even obsessive adrenalin addicts.

/ DESIGN Vision

Boundaries have been broken with the new XS as V2 catapults adrenaline junkies higher than ever before. A more specific Angle of Attack has been developed in the span to balance power and handling, while a flatter arc increases efficiency and extends hangtime. Modified wingtips segmentation has moved the LE twist forward in the tips making turning and bar feedback more direct. A shorter bridle trim has also reduced the bar pressure feel. A reduction in weight has been achieved overall and larger kites now also benefit from lighter bladder material. Durability has been optimized thanks to the redesigned frame structure between the inflatable parts and the ripstop. Load transition has also subsequently improved the stability to make it
the best version yet.

The new XS is a must-have in any radical freerider’s quiver.



● Delta hybrid five-strut design for a serious Big Air adrenaline boost
● Explosive lift and extra long hangtime
● Massive grunt in all wind conditions for freeride versatility
● Bomb proof construction provides ultra durability with maximum stability
● Rapid yet controllable flight characteristics with direct feedback


/ CHANGES for all kites

● Lighter bladder material for bigger sizes to decrease the overall weight
● Redesigned frame structure between the inflatable parts and the ripstop to optimize load transition for improved stability and durability.
● New 2 step force transition on tips for harmonic power development
● Overall weight reduction across all sizes

/ XS V2 Changes

● Flatter arc to increase efficiency and hangtime.
● Modified wingtip segmentation to move LE twist forward in the wingtip. This results in more direct turning and bar feedback.
● Shorter bridle trim for a reduced bar pressure feel.
● Specific Angle of Attack in the span to balance power and handling.