Core Sensor 2S Control Bar

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Once you use a Sensor 2S bar you will think all other bars pale in comparison. At first glance this bar looks like most other 4-line bars on the market. Upon further inspection, you recognize that everything on this bar is totally different and really high tech. Most importantly the Sensor 2S is tough as nails and the safety system always works.

Core Sensor 2S Tech Specs:
• Lightest control bar on the market at 1.95 lbs
• 24m high strength colored lines
• Equal line lengths so this bar can be flown with any 4 line kite
• Kook proof pig tails
• 47cm-52cm Adjustable bar end
• Adjustable outside line length hidden under floats
• Rotor quick release
• Plastic coated Tectanium center line
• Ceramic auto untwist center line swivel
• Bungee depower line
• Supported center flagging line safety
• Short safety leash included
• Bar bag

What We Like:
In an era of kiteboarding companies trying to make the next best gadget to market their bars with, the Core Sensor 2S is a breath of fresh air. The chicken loop and release are the shortest on the market, so you are closer to your bar. This helps a lot with smaller riders. The floats are simple and strong so they won't rip and they are not so oversized that they are in the way. The de-power line is buttery smooth when you are fully powered up and the bungee/velcro keeps it tucked up and away from the bar when you are fully de-powered. By coating the chicken line with plastic you have no need to replace the chicken loop line ever.

The below bar swivel is one of a kind and never sticks. We packed it with fine sand, coarse sand, tons of salt water and nothing could jam this swivel up. The S-neck on the swivel combined with the ceramic swivel assembly makes the center lines untwist on their own with no effort. It is so cool to watch the bar unwind with no effort.

You can't appreciate a light weight bar until you ride one. Think about the amount of times you sheet in and out in a session. Imagine doing that with 1 pound less weight. It really does make a difference.

The Uni Body interior of the bar makes any input directly translate into the kite. The net result is your kite feels faster and you have more control.

Insider Info:
We were terrified when we first saw the twist release. Our first impression was, "Oh, that's not going to work." Well we were totally wrong since we have had no false releases with the Core Sensor twist release. We also found out that there are a few things that a twist release does better than others on the market. This allows your entire chicken loop assembly to be shorter. This gets you closer to the bar/depower strap and makes kiteboarding easier. The other thing we found out is that you can twist and release the safety even when the bar is sheeted all the way in. All other bars with push away releases will jam in this scenario.

The flagging safety is one of a kind. The Y on the center lines is about one third of the way up the lines. Core figured out some sort of magic where they can have the kite flag out with no resistance on the center Techanium line that goes through the bar. This keeps the line mess to a minimum and will allow you to reassemble and relaunch your kite after release. Rebuilding your bar in the water works about 80% of the time with the Core bar where most other center line safety bars your chances are about a 50/50. The high Y on this assembly makes the bar harder to un twist if your kite inverts.