3 Days Zero to Hero

3 Days Zero to Hero

Learn in 3 - 4 days or however long you need… Ready 2 ignite your passion !

Here’s how it works:
1. Wind Wisdom: Understanding the Elements
Learn to read the wind like a seasoned sailor. Discover wind direction, speed, and how to identify optimal conditions for kiteboarding. Uncover the secrets of wind patterns to ensure safe and exhilarating rides.
2. Gear Essentials: Your Kiteboarding Arsenal 
Familiarize yourself with the essential gear – from kites and boards to harnesses and safety equipment. Gain insights into the types of gear available, how they work together, and how to choose the right setup for your skill level and goals.
3. Set Up and Safety: Preparing for Action
Master the art of setting up your gear correctly and ensuring your safety at all times. Learn how to properly inflate and rig your kite, perform safety checks, and use safety systems to prevent accidents and ensure a smooth launch.
4. Flying High: Kite Control and Maneuvering
Take control of your kite with precision and finesse. Understand the basics of kite control, steering, and power management. Practice flying your kite through different wind conditions and angles to build confidence and coordination
5. Board Basics: Gliding on Water
Step onto your board and glide over the water's surface. Discover the proper body positioning, balance, and footwork required for a smooth start and controlled rides. Learn to harness the kite's power to propel yourself forward and maintain stability.
6. Riding the Waves: Mastering Transitions and Turns 
Merge your kite control and board skills to navigate the waves and perform seamless transitions. Delve into the techniques of tacking, jibing, and upwind riding. Hone your ability to smoothly change direction and make the most of the wind's energy.

With these six foundational lessons, you're well-equipped to kickstart your kiteboarding journey. Each lesson unlocks a new layer of expertise and builds the confidence needed to ride the waves with skill and finesse. Soak in the knowledge, embrace the challenges, and get ready for thrilling rides that will leave you exhilarated and hungry for more. Welcome to the dynamic world of kiteboarding – let the wind carry you to new heights!



“But what if I can’t or don’t want to complete the training in a 3-4 days ?”



No problem! If you get the package, train just as fast or as slow as you like.
There will be no extra fees for taking longer to complete our program as long as you remain current by training  at least once every 30 days.

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